In 2000 Jeff Gibson as a successful businessman founded Elite Promotions.  Since its inception, Elite Promotions has grown to include promoting boxing events, mixed martial arts events commonly known as "UFC," self defense seminars, exercise videos, and a highly respected boxing/martial arts gym in Palm Beach Gardens. In 2005 Jeff joined forces with Dan Lambert and his very successful AFC (mixed martial arts) events.  Since then the two teams have built the AFC to be one of the strongest organizations of it's kind within the United States, right behind the world known UFC.  And the events produce a packed house show after show!  Elite Promotions has grown to be one of the most active fight promotion companies within Florida, with monthly events which include both boxing and mma events.

World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion, Jeff Gibson from San Diego, California saw a great opportunity in South Florida while visiting Palm Beach on a seminar in 1999 and shortly after moved to the east coast.  Jeff is a 8th degree black belt, 5X national karate champion, 2X golden glove boxing champion, and an inductee into the International Karate Hall Of Fame.  With a lifetime of being involved in the martial arts as well as boxing; as a student, instructor, business operator, and promoter.  Jeff has had the opportunity to work with many world champions, as well as to produce many world champions.

Elite Promotions was not developed overnight, or thought of over some weekend at the fights among friends.  It involved years of planning, trial and error, studying and learning from some of the best in the game.  Elite Promotions has been here for many years and will continue to promote world class athletes show after show!